We are glad you are here!

We understand that the talent in your organization is a valuable asset that requires consistent development and nurturing. At KS Goins & Associates we work with you to fine tune excellence in your organization. We believe that a focused, agile and resilient team can weather any storm.
We also realize that each of us from time to time could benefit from working with an effective coach. We would love to talk to you about helping you meet your personal and career goals. So, read on and let us know how we can help you!

Leaders Thrive ... Be Focused, Agile & Resilient!

Who Are We?

Karen S. Goins is an experienced, insightful organizational change agent. Our associates represent a network of talented individuals that come together to produce great results for you via executive coaching, training, facilitation, professional speaking, and HR consulting. We believe there is richness in collaboration. Our experiences are vast including corporate America, government and leaders from the academic sectors. Our associates are each accomplished business people who have a long list of accolades. We are diverse in age, race, ethnicity, gender and sports fan clubs (this sometimes causes heated debate!).

Most of all we are here to serve you!

What you can expect from KS Goins & Associates?

You will experience a positive, forward focused process. We create winning solutions with our clients. In everything we do, we first listen to your needs before suggesting and developing a solution. Our process includes exploration, curiosity, functional design and excellent delivery. We encourage accountability, accelerated learning and "stepping forward" from our clients.

“A good leader takes more than their fair share of the blame and gives more than their share of the credit.” -- Arnold Glasnow