Services we offer:

Organization Coaching

Organizational coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client to create positive change. Our coaching process helps you improve performance in a number of areas including leadership, career transition, presence, business results, work-life balance, and relationships We pride ourselves in listening, providing support, exploring possibilities, and pushing you beyond where you can push yourself.

There is a distinction between being a coach and having the ability to coach. We are both. Our coaching philosophy includes:

  • Being customer focused
  • Being open to learning with your organization
  • We coach individuals and teams
  • We understand systems thinking and how it applies to leadership
  • We are curious, consistent, have high integrity and value your time

Cafe of Learning Experiences

We offer a phenomenal cafe of learning experiences that includes:

  • Custom designed training based on your needs
    • Twenty five well designed skills training classes designed to meet your time constraints.
  • Employee intervention programs.
    • If you have two or more employees that relationships are vital to the organization yet are struggling, we can help you with our proven process. We also work with managers and leaders to develop plans based on your employee surveys.
  • Career Agility Program
    • Helping those in transition move forward effectively. This is ideal for employers and nonprofit organizations who want to provide help for people seeking their next job opportunity.
  • Teamwork and Strategy Workshops
    • Is your team working hard every day to be more cohesive, productive and relevant? What are the new expectations of your team since our recent recession? How is the changing global marketplace effecting how your team does business, manage people, lead effectively?
      Teamwork is not something that just happens. We believe it must be intentional. We pride ourselves on being the catalyst to create amazing dialogue and outcomes of which most cannot be predicted but will surely be effective. Our work in the area of teamwork and strategy has been applauded in corporate America, academia and government organizations. Let's talk about what we can help you accomplish.

Other services include:

We are available for motivational speaking, keynote speaking and HR projects/consulting. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you!

“Only a man's character is the real criterion of worth.” -- Eleanor Roosevelt